if you're interested in booking Cab Canavaral please refer to the project and use the form on the contact / booking page

1. Cab Canavaral Solo (DJ+Sax) -Style original Swing, Electro Swing, Deep House, Ghetto Funk, House

Cab Canavaral isn't only a DJ who is known for his carefully selected DJ-sets - he is also a brilliant Saxplayer who improvises live over the records he spins.
So you don't get only a  DJ Set but a great live performance which makes every party unique!!!

Cab Canavaral live in Bristol (Solo Set)

2. Cab Canavaral the SAXMAN

You have booked your favourite DJ but you want to add some live sax? Cab Canavaral is able to play together with every DJ in the genres Electro Swing, House , Deephouse, Party Music, Techno and Drum& Bass and more

Cab together with DJ Grant Lazlo (F) in Geneva

3. Cab & Katie (Duo Voc, Sax&DJ)

This program features the wonderful and charming KATIE LA FOLLE on vocals. Great show act for Galas, Dinners etc. The genres are original Swing from the 1920s to 1950s and Electro Swing!

4. Lofi Sax - Chill Hop with live Sax

This program features the tracks and compositions I released as Lofi Sax and carefully selected tunes of other Lo-Fi /Chill Hop producers spiced with emotional sax lines 

 Lofi Sax Live Set @ S├╝dbahnhotel

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